Dual-channel installation,Video, Sound, Iceland, 2013

Unstable...Summer... is a dual-channel installation I developed during my artist residency in Iceland. I was invited by Listhús to stay in a small town called Ólafsfjörður located in the northeast of Iceland for one month. I was very frustrated when I first got there: everything was so perfect and Ólafsfjörður was so surreally beautiful. The naked landscape there was naturally a large scale abstract painting. In that sense, it was difficult for me to find the necessary transformation which I always look for and try to subvert that in my work. But one thing struck my attention was the absence of time perception cause by the unique 24 hours daylight in Iceland. The philosophy of time as a discontinuous moment made me wonder what really happens?What is our experience? Where is memory? In Unstable...Summer... I mixed fragmented footage, electronic sound waves, and layers of filters to investigate the space between mechanical possibilities and material reality. The fundamental concept was thinking about the camera as a mechanical eye. It records and replaces moments of human emotion, eventually transforming them into a digital form of memory. In the virtual world this multiplies into infinite possibilities. No feelings of temperature; no feelings of heat; no feelings of sensation.