i think. therefore. i am (2021)
Augmented reality, 3D rendering, HD video with sound, and 3d acrylic installation

Following Lacan’s Schizophrenic structure, the utopian realm of the senses: part of the new division of labor in the body of sight, the visual, the eye, and capital replicates the specialization and division of labor of capitalist life. Therefore, postmodern dilemma may also mean not a liberation from anxiety but a liberation from every other kind of feeling as well, since there is no longer a self present to do the feeling and thinking. With the advent of the surveillance economy, decision-making and desire are now increasingly being governed by algorithms in our hyper-control societies. Inspired by Stiegler’s The Neganthropocene, i think. therefore. i am, is articulated in the collection of multimedia work that combines transmedia sources and aesthetics to explore the possibility proposed by thinkers like Stiegler, Neidich, Benjamin and Heidegger that Art as a task to undo the alienation of the corporeal sensorium, to restore the instinctual power of the human bodily senses for the sake of humanity's self-preservation, and to do this, not by avoiding the new technologies, but by passing through them.